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Neil Niren MD on Myths About Skin Care

There are countless tips and advices on how you should care for your skin, in order to remain smooth and healthy. To avoid any confusion when it comes to skin care, Dr Neil Niren reveals the five most common myths.

The first popular theory is that thicker creams are more hydrating. According to Neil Niren MD this is completely wrong. Creams that are too thick can act as cement and thus create walls around dead skin cells and dirt inside the pores. This can further lead to blackheads, leaving the skin look tired, lifeless and drained.

Another popular belief proved to be false, is that anti-aging products can erase wrinkles. The truth is that there is no cream that can rejuvenate your face and erase wrinkles. Skin care products can alleviate the aging sings and make them less visible, but the problem will still be there. Moisturizing and anti-aging creams nourish the skin, making it look better at the time being, but as Dr Neil Niren explains, unfortunately that does not mean you can erase those wrinkles.

Whoever said that winter sun does not harm the skin obviously had no deeper knowledge about the real effects of unprotected sun exposure. Although UV rays in the winter are not as strong as in the summer, still they have the same effect on the human skin. The difference between UVA and UVB rays is that UVB rays are responsible for burns, while UVA rays cause aging, skin cell damage, and may even lead to cancer.

The next myth that Neil Niren reveals is that chocolate cause’s acne. Chocolate may not be the healthiest food, but still there are no scientific prove that it actually causes acne. In fact, chocolate with high percentage of cocoa is extremely useful for the skin, of course if consumed in moderation.

The last so called skin myth in this category is that you don’t have to use tonic, if you are using cleansing products. Dead skin cells and other impurities are removed from the face with cleansing products, but tonic also has a very important role in the skin care regime. The tonic helps to even out skin tone, reduces pores, removes traces from cleansing, and hydrates the skin.

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