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    • 3D Working Group
      This group is for people interested in 3D technologies. Such technologies include 3D printing and scanning as well as CAD and photogrammetry.
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    • Contingency & DH
      This is an ad hoc group formed during the NYC-DH Unconference (9/28/13) for those interested in having extended conversations about issues surrounding contingent teaching ("adjuncting"), academic freedom, and the digital humanities.
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    • 6 years, 4 months ago

      Angus Grieve-Smith

    • NYC Digital Art History
      A group of NYC area institutions and individuals with an interest in the practice of digital art history. The group aims to facilitate resource and knowledge sharing as well as disseminate information on developments in the field, outstanding projects, and relevant local workshops.
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    • 9 months, 2 weeks ago

      Jason Varone

    • NYCDH Announcements
      Join this group to receive announcements about all-NYCDH activities or other news of interest to the whole community. And use this group to send such announcements. When you join, you may adjust your settings on how much email you'd like to receive.
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    • 1 day, 11 hours ago

      Katina Rogers

    • NYCDH Q&A
      NYCDH Q&A is a place to ask any question related to the digital humanities. Other DH Q&A forums exist, such as the ACH’s DH Q&A, but here’s a place where we can get to know participants in the NYCDH community as we help each other. When you post a question, be specific as possible in the subject line and in the body of the post. If you’ve already considered answers to your question and decided they weren’t helpful, include that information, too.
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    • 3 years, 11 months ago

      Christopher Mulé

    • NYCDH Website Group
      A group for administrators of the NYCDH website and for those who have suggestions for site features and usability.
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    • Student Group
      Students: Post your digital humanities questions, projects you're working on (in school, as interns, graduate assistants, etc.), what you're learning in your classes or what you'd like to learn, lectures & conferences you plan on attending, and ideas on how we can collaborate with one another on all things digital humanities related.
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    • 3 years, 5 months ago

      Kalle Westerling

    • Talkline
      Talkline with Zev Brenner
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    • Text Analysis Working Group
      We meet every two weeks for an informal, public colloquium consisting of 2 to 3 presenters each giving a brief 10-minute talk about the use of computational text analysis to study a particular research question. Each talk is followed by an informal 10-minute discussion between the entire assembly with the purpose of offering suggestions, advice, critiques, and new resources that may be of use to the presenter. This particular colloquium format has been adopted to (1) help individual scholars advance their own text analysis research by harnessing the collective insights and knowledge of the NYC community and (2) to provide a forum to help facilitate discussions and collaborations between computational text analysis researchers at different universities in the NYC and the surrounding areas. The group organizers work in the field of digital literary studies, but scholars employing text analysis to work on a research problem in any discipline are happily invited to present their research. Those interested in participating as a presenter should send an email to with a brief abstract about the research question you wish to discuss.
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    • 2 years, 11 months ago

      Iuri Moscardi

    • THATCamp Organizers
      There have been two THATCamps in NYC (THATCamp Museums NYC at the BGC and THATCamp NY at Fordham) with a third hosted by the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center this coming June 20, 21 at the CUNY Graduate Center. This group is for past and future organizers to talk about how best to run a THATCamp and provide support for one another.
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