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    3/4 @ 6:30 Digital Experiments Lab #2: Collocation in Epigraphs

    For our next Tuesday Lab (3/4, at 6:30 pm, room 105 of 244 Greene St.), we will be building on our work with keywords by tracking epigraphic words that frequently co-occur. The framing questions for the meeting are

    Are there literary attributes that can be tracked using co-occurring words? If the epigraph functions as an explicit indication of literary influence, how might co-occurring words indicate implicit literary influence?

    Just as a reminder, we’re organizing these labs in a manner that allows us to take advantage of the time to collaboratively work together. We pose the meeting’s question to the group, then we work individually or in pairs on different texts with different tools on that shared question. After about 90 minutes, everyone shares their most interesting findings/observations with the group.

    It’s a really stimulating method of working. Hope to see you there!