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    As the polar winds begin to subside, we arrive at the time to regroup around our friendly local digibar. I know you missed us, so we have planned three digibars for you:

    February 19th
    To be held after Andrew Stauffer speaks about the state of libraries (details here) at the Graduate Center on Feb. 19th from 6:30-8:30pm. We will meet at the aptly named Archive around 8:45pm.

    April 2nd: Brooklyn Edition
    At long last, we will sail our ship of merry makers to the bountiful lands of Brooklyn. We will dock at Spike Hill bar in Williamsburg – 186 Bedford Ave, cross street North 7th. Small but literally just across the Bedford Ave line.

    May 3rd
    To meet up after THATCamp Digital Writing (#TCDW14) on May 3rd at 6pm. Festivities will be held at Dive 75 on 75th near Columbus—reasonably priced, close to Fordham Lincoln Center, and with tons of take out menus.

    Looking forward to catching up!