Submit a proposal to join the kick-off day on histories and representations of communities across NYC!

We invite proposals from students, faculty, librarians, and educational technologists for brief presentations on work that demonstrates the role of the digital humanities in recognizing, empowering, and understanding New York City communities of the past and present. We will consider projects that incorporate digital mapping, computational methods of analyzing digital archives, and the production and presentation of knowledge in ways that engage students and the public, among other approaches, to explore how the digital humanities can contribute to understanding the relationship between the inequities of our present and the lost voices of our past. We believe this conversation is especially important as our society faces an increasing need to combat the use of digital media to create mistrust in public debate and spread racist and authoritarian ideas. Together we will ask how the digital humanities are increasing access to the production of knowledge, promoting understanding of systemic racism and understudied histories, enabling census inclusion without surveillance, and informing activism for social justice.

To submit a proposal, email a 250-word abstract and short bio to Kelley Kreitz, Review of proposals for the panel will start Dec. 20, and we will accept proposals on a rolling basis until January 5.