First offered in 2014, the NYCDH graduate student awards are open to graduate students from the NYC metropolitan area who are pursuing DH projects. Applications are judged by a board selected from the NYCDH steering committee. Winning projects are selected based on intellectual contributions to the field, innovative uses of technology, and work plans that are clear and reasonable given the time and funding available.

2022 Award Winners

First Place Nicole Cote (Graduate Center, CUNY), “VisDepot: An Introductory Resource for Data Visualization”
Second Place Corey D Clawson (Rutgers University-Newark), “Archivepelago: Mapping Queer Exile and Artistic Influence Using Graph Database Technology”
Third Place Mention Julia G. Fuller (Graduate Center, CUNY), ‘Visual Vixens”
Honorable Mention Lauren Busser (New York University), “Knitted Soft Circuits for S.T.E.A.M Education”
Honorable Mention Ian Gregory (Pratt Institute), “Mental Acuity Bot for the Elderly (MABel)”


2020 Award Winners

First Place Hilary Wilson (CUNY Graduate Center), “Urban Policy from the Post-WWII Period to the Present”
Second Place Daniel Fox (CUNY Graduate Center), “Is there Gender Bias in the Genre Labels for Musicians on Wikipedia?”
Honorable Mention Kristen Hackett (CUNY Graduate Center), “Recalibrating Queens”
Honorable Mention Maria Agustina Checa (CUNY Graduate Center), “Magnetismo Sónico”
Honorable Mention Lara Alonso (CUNY Graduate Center), “Corona Stories

2019 Award Winners

First Place Abi Muñoz and Yuguang Zhang (NYU), “Experimental Short Film Using Machine Learning”
Second Place (tie) Michèle Duguay (CUNY Graduate Center), “Gendering Virtual Space: Locating Women’s Voices in Recorded Popular Music”
Second Place (tie) Elizabeth Lee (NYU), “Buddhas in the Landscape: Medieval Rock Carvings of Buddhist Deities on the Korean Peninsula”
Honorable Mention Sean Miller (CUNY Graduate Center), “Binary Gender Classification in Natural Language Processing and its Implications for Non-Cisgender Individuals”
Honorable Mention Carlos Yebra López (NYU), “Saved by the Digital: The Community-based Online Archiving of the Global Sephardic Diaspora in the 21st Century”
Honorable Mention Willamae Boling (Pratt), “Gender Reveal Party”

2018 Award Winners

First Place Eamonn Bell (Columbia University), “A New Ground-Truth Data Set for Automatic Annotation Extraction from Musical Scores”
Second Place (tie) Lucia Motolinia Carballo (NYU), “Electoral Accountability and Local Public Goods: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Mexico”
Second Place (tie) Katy Gero (Columbia University), “Visualizing Sonority to Augment Poetry Writing”
Honorable Mention John Clegg (NYU), “African American Civil War Soldiers Project”
Honorable Mention Chris McGuinness (CUNY Graduate Center), “Performing Musical Transcription: Participatory Pedagogy through Digital Audio Workstations”

2017 Award Winners

First Place Jonathan Reeve (Columbia University), “Corpus DB: A Textual Corpus Database for the Digital Humanities”
Second Place (tie) Roxanne Smith (Columbia University), “Documenting the Art Collections of San Francisco’s 19th Century Tycoons: A Digital Map and Archive”
Second Place (tie) Aaron Hershkowitz & Rick Hale (Rutgers University), “RTI & Photogrammetry for Badian Collection”
Honorable Mention Juan Carlos Sánchez Herrera (New York University), “Food Pairings Over Time: Colombia 1977-2017”
Honorable Mention David Danzig (New York University), “Ethnic Dynamics in Migratory Scenarios of the Ancient Near East: Collection and Analysis of Data on Inter-Ethnic Contact Drawn from Everyday Texts.”

2016 Award Winners

First Place Will Fenton (Fordham University), “The Digital Paxton”
Second Place (tie) Lisa Tagliaferri (Graduate Center, CUNY), “Lyrical Mysticism: The Writing and Reception of Catherine of Siena”
Second Place (tie) Patrick Smyth (Graduate Center, CUNY), Hannah Aizenman (Graduate Center, CUNY), Dr. Jill Bell Belli (NYC College and Technology; outreach and usability coordinator), “Futures Past Archive”
Honorable Mention Rachel Daniell (Graduate Center, CUNY), “The Digital Afterlives of Government Documents”
Honorable Mention Burcak Ozludil Altin (NJ Institute of Technology / Rutgers), Augustus Wendell (NJ Institute of Technology), Ulysses Thompson (NJ Institute of Technology), “Life of an Insane Asylum: A Temporospatial Simulation”

2015 Award Winners

First Place Christy Pottroff (Fordham University), “The U.S. Goes Postal”
Second Place (tie) Alice Lynn McMichael (Graduate Center, CUNY), “Reconstructing a Sacred Barrier: Digitally Recreating a Byzantine Chapel”
Second Place (tie) Margaret Galvan (Graduate Center, CUNY), “Mapping and Networking Alison Bechdel”
Honorable Mention Jonathan Reeve (Columbia University), “Git-Lit: An Open Source Project to Parse, Version Control, and Publish British Library ALTO XML Documents”
Honorable Mention Eileen Clancy (Graduate Center, CUNY), “Beyond Citation”

2014 Award Winners

First Place Gaudet, Connor (former NYU; LIU)
Second Place (tie) Lisa Tagliaferri (Graduate Center, CUNY), “Lyrical Mysticism: The Writing and Reception of Catherine of Siena”
Second Place (tie) Ollett, Andrew (Columbia)
Honorable Mention Payne, Steven (Fordham)