Note to all attendees: Session leaders will contact you with additional information, including a meeting link, for each individual workshop, event, or demonstration. 

Latest Past Events

Accessible Design

Over the last thirty years, the internet has become of vital importance to daily life, especially in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, accessibility on the internet has often remained a low priority, making this indispensable resource difficult to use for many people. Participants in this workshop will learn how to combat this problem […]


Building a Custom Vector Tile API

This demonstration will walk through the workflow we are using for many of our web mapping apps at CUNY's Center for Urban research. I will explain how our geography data is exported from QGIS to Postgres and how we customized our own tile server and application API in nodejs.


Python – A Gentle Introduction

A very beginner friendly introduction to Python for the humanities. We will cover basic tools and installation methods, as well as how Python can be used to sort through messy information and automate simple and repetitive tasks. Brief examples will be covered, and we'll talk about how to explore and learn in the future. There […]

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