To engage with our theme of Care and Repair in an action-oriented way, this year at NYCDH Week we will be hosting a series of working group sessions. These workshops will focus on topics relevant to changing conditions both within and outside the academy, and give us an opportunity to come up with strategies and tactics to help care for our communities and repair our institutions.

The goal for each session will be to work collaboratively to produce a working document of tactics and resources that address the session topic and that can subsequently be shared with the NYCDH Community. Each session will run from 4:30-6:00pm and be facilitated by a member of the NYCDH Steering Committee. This facilitation will include the organizing of a shared Google Doc for the session and management of time, etc. The NYCDH Steering Committee member, however, will not be leading the sessions. Sessions are meant to be democratic and driven by the shared experiences and questions of the group that participates in the conversation.