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Bug Reports

Please edit this doc to report any bugs or issues you find on the site.

Known Bugs/Future Enhancements:

    • Fix way that twitter link displays on profile pages
    • Add Google custom search box to homepage
    • Finish setting up Reply by Email once IMAP enabled on host


  • Add dh_nyc twitter feed to footer



  • Add dh_nyc twitter list feed to site
  • Fix slider links
  • Fix BuddyPress Drive
  • Either change calendar feed label to “Upcoming and Recent DH Events” or configure calendar feed to show only upcoming events (5/13/13)
  • Spam is getting high on the left column bars
  • Twitter handles are screwy on the profile pages: Here’s @elotroalex’s:
    <a href=””><a┬áhref=””>elotroalex</a></a&gt;
    [known issue — see first item above –MKG]
  • The javascript tutorial on the activities section is screwy on the when you click on the ‘next’ button. [can you describe what you mean by “screwy” and/or take a screenshot/screencast? Also describe your browser/os. Just tried it and it worked okay for me –MKG][Hard to try again once you’ve been through it. seems only to work on first run. i saw two things. on click the arrow box turned into a blank square of a different size. on the last page, hovering on the drop-down menu, the pop-up box is cut in half by the browser window. i’m using Chrome on LionOSX. AG][thanks for this report, Alex. Can you add it here – ? –MKG]
  • Any way to have the link to the help & support group point directly to the forum? [no, not right now, unless we write new code. You could request this as an option here — – but what you want to request is that users have the option of making the group homepage the forum instead of activity — MKG] [will do. might be useful for help pages. i’ll dig around to see how to add the functionality. if it’s not too time consuming I’ll put in a pull request. ]
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