In attendance:

Jason Varone (JV) – IFA

Louisa Wood Ruby (LWR) – Frick

Samantha Deutch (SD) – Frick

Francine Snyder (FS) – Rauschenberg Foundation

Gabriel Rodriguez – Columbia

Barbara Mundy – Fordham


-Propose smaller events?

-NYC DH has a meeting in February

-Digtal Humanities week again this year?

-SD – working on FMP database for object-related research.  

-LWR – Open Art – catalog raissoné software.  Working with UC Berkeley. Is IIIF compatible.  Added modules to their Drupal.

-CMS solutions: Drupal versus FMP, curious to see how FMP could be used as a CMS.

-FS – In general collection data is not made public, but when it is it is usually large institutions and only their cleanest data.

-American Art Project – Data available at github.

-SD – people don’t know where to find the data.

-Open databases and then search engines can find records, might increase use.

-SD – If there was an annotated authoritative list of digital humanities projects that would serve a portal via CAA.  

-FS – Is CAA the best place to host this? Perhaps not.  What we want is a neutral repository, so that it is not beholden to any particular institution.

-OSCI – online scholarly catalog initiative – The Getty

-SD – Machine learning conference – Rick Johnson’s work – high resolution scans of materials to match work.  

-SD – Ares – Frick and others working on an image workspace, high demand.

-FS will reach out to Sree Sreenivasan to see if he is interested in working with NYC DAH.

-DAH Website Discussion:

-Weekly email updates could use better formatting.

-JV made a NYCDAH twitter account.

-September event next year.

-We have time to poll people from last time.

-Reach out to schools, grad students would likely be very interested.

-Poster sessions, workshops.

-Open call for planning in March.

-Early actionable items: post to calendar, call for people to participate in digital humanities week.  Post all notes to NYC DAH website.

-Put this out there on list servs, social media, twitter.