In attendance (with abbreviations for notation):

Burcak Ozludil Altin (BOA) – NJIT

Matthew Israel (MI) – Artsy

Gabriel Rodriguez (GR) – Columbia

Jason Varone (JV) – IFA

Katie Wright (KW) – The Metropolitan Museum


  • JV discusses history of NYC DAH – started at Columbia in 2015, workshop in 2016, web presence through NYCDH, idea is to bounce around different institutions to promote membership as well as resources and ideas for projects.
  • Idea stemmed from the notion that there was nowhere specific for scholars or researchers to go for digital humanities resources in art history.
  • MI – big question is how to go about building interest from the development community.
  • JV – if you can access the tools, then that’s one step of the way for the uninitiated.
  • BOA – there is a need to open the door to even having the language to talk about digital projects.
  • MI – even datasets, computational skills, people wonder about ways to map data etc.
  • MI – knowing the minimal viable product is crucial
  • JV discusses past attempts to wed the development and scholarly communities, the possibility of a DAH award etc.
  • MI – who’s doing this, the Frick? Are there meetups? ArtsTech is no more…
  • JV – ITP at NYU downtown is a good example of an multidisciplinary program in the arts and technology.
  • MI – possibility to cultivate projects from nothing, could promote projects, could provide exposure.  Can we brainstorm some interesting projects happening now?
  • MI – question of access, art world works in a cloistered way on purpose.
  • BOA – Tenure system magnifies this, we need a reinforcement of digital as a legitimate peer-reviewed publication.
  • KW – can look to newer faces at the city’s museums for inroads towards this.
  • MI – Pace Gallery – Artifex Press online catalog raisonne software
  • KW – There’s the Getty’s provenance project
  • BOA – Emily Pugh is the DH point person at the Getty.
  • JV – Shareable document, can unite our mission, are we promoting or sponsoring projects?
  • MI – Artsy always interested in scholarly projects in contemporary art.
  • There is a general discussion of the next meeting but no date is set