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Compiled by scholars to assemble the disparate works of art that constitute the oeuvre of a particular artist alongside provenance, exhibition, and bibliographic information, Catalogues Raisonné are essential tools in the study of art history. They are, however, often outdated as soon as they appear in print, as new works of art appear on the market, or works of art change hands. In addition, they are expensive to buy and often only available in specialized art libraries. Many scholars are therefore eager to put their catalogues online, where they will be able to update them in a timely fashion without incurring the costs of reprinting them, and where a larger community of scholars will have easy access.

Over the past 10 years, several good catalogue raisonné platforms have been created by software developers. In an effort to aid art historians in their search for a product that is right for them, this workshop will give a broad overview of many of the systems that have been developed, both open source and proprietary.

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