Note to all attendees: Session leaders will contact you with additional information, including a meeting link, for each individual workshop, event, or demonstration. 

How do I Get My Catalogue Raisonné Online?

Frick Art Reference Library 1 East 70th Street, New York, NY

Compiled by scholars to assemble the disparate works of art that constitute the oeuvre of a particular artist alongside provenance, exhibition, and bibliographic information, Catalogues Raisonné are essential tools in the study of art history. They are, however, often outdated as soon as they appear in print, as new works of art appear on the […]

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ARIES (Art Research Exploration Space)

Frick Art Reference Library 1 East 70th Street, New York, NY

Working with Dr. Claudio Silva and Dr. Lhaylla Crissaff at New York University's Tandon School of Engineering, we have designed a prototype for a system we have dubbed ARIES for ARt Image Exploration Space. Aries is an interactive image manipulation system that allows for the exploration and organization of fine art images (of paintings, drawings, […]

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Life of a Gothic Cathedral: An Interactive Experience

Studio@Butler 535 W. 114th St., New York, NY

Our new website, Life of a Gothic Cathedral: Notre-Dame of Amiens 1220-1530 is intended to change the way we understand and teach the cathedral: it was designed especially for use in the Core Curriculum. This session will be a demonstration of how the website allows you to experience Amiens Cathedral not just as a thing […]

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Digital and Spatial Study of Mosques: Xinjiang and Ningxia of China as Case Studies

Babble Lab @ Pace University, Room 1105 163 William St., New York, NY

Different from conventional research methods, spatial study is designed to apply GIS to study space, time and mapping, all of which are valuable in analyzing religious institutions, sites and locations. Supported by multiple spatial, digital and statistical methods, this workshop selects eight cities and prefectures in China to examine the Islamic mosques based on accessible […]

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A Project-Ready Approach to Teaching Visual Cultures: Replacing the Textbook with a Flexible, Scalable Database

NYU, 726 Broadway, 6th Floor, Conference Room B 726 Broadway, New York, NY

In this demonstration, attendees will learn about building a flexible, platform neutral textbook replacement using low tech collaborative tools. The resulting data set can be published to a variety of display platforms (such as WordPress or Omeka) in addition to being available for faculty and student projects such as maps, timelines, and exhibits. Participants will […]


Unity for Spatial Research: SpatioScholar

Bobst Library, NYU, Room 619 70 Washington Square S, New York, NY

The workshop will provide participants with an introduction to the SpatioScholar workflow. SpatioScholar is an application developed in Unity for scholarly work that requires spatial and temporal processing and visualization in art/architectural/urban history and heritage studies. SpatioScholar provides a single interface for combining 3D modeled spaces, digitized primary documents, historical data and scholarly research and […]