Containing DH: How to Use Docker to Run Just About Anything

Online New York, NY

This session with be a demonstration of how to use Docker in Reclaim Cloud to run just about any application on the web. It will be interactive in that after the initial demonstration we will be taking requests from the audience to install those hard to run applications in order to model the process. Come [...]

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Diamond Printers’ Marks Reboot with Omeka and StoryMaps

Online New York, NY

It is possible in a short space of time, and spending no money, to transform a dormant collection of photographs into a meaningful archive and a dramatic presentation using the platforms Omeka and StoryMaps. The process will be presented, as well as the products.

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Survey Design for the Humanities

Online New York, NY

While surveys are typically thought of as part of the social sciences' toolkit, DH research can also benefit from designing, conducting, and examining surveys. This session will introduce participants to survey design best practices and recommendations on how to think about the results you obtain. We will work with Qualtrics - a survey software platform […]

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Gitsertation: Scholarly Workflows with Git, Pandoc, and Zotero

Online New York, NY

This workshop demonstrates how to use Git to manage a project. Concretely, we will be using the Git integration in VSCode along with the programs Pandoc and Zotero to create plain text documents that can be compiled, with citations, into Microsoft Word (or Google Docs) documents. The workshop assumes some familiarity with Zotero ( and […]

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Intro to Vector Tiles for Web: From QGIS to Mapbox

Online New York, NY

Vector tiles are a flexible, lightweight format for serving geographic data that can be quickly and dynamically styled and displayed by a client such as a web browser. This workshop will first explain briefly how they work. Then we will walk through how you can export geographic data from any number of common formats in […]

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Fostering Community and Collaboration in the Digital Humanities within and beyond CUNY

Online New York, NY

The CUNY Academic Commons is a WordPress/Buddy platform that connects students, faculty and staff across CUNY’s 25 campuses, acting as a hub for various DH activities across the university. The Commons facilitates the teaching of DH courses, sharing and hosting events, creating spaces for working groups to collaborate, and developing websites and digital projects. The […]

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Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) Info Session

Online New York, NY

The Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) is the US-based member of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) consortium. This session will introduce participants to the organization, its goals and activities, and identify how interested participants can become involved through programs or committee work, including mentorship, liaisons, or publications. Additional details can be […]

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Publishing with Github Pages

Online New York, NY

In this session you will learn the basics of using GitHub and its free web publishing tool, Github Pages. This tool allows you to easily publish simple websites (blogs, professional profiles, event announcements, etc) at no cost. This course will also serve as a soft introduction to markdown and yaml, folders and files, git and […]

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Introduction to IIIF, the International Image Interoperability Framework

Online New York, NY

“Introduction to IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework)” shows the main uses and applications of interoperable digital images. Through image viewers, we can work with interoperable content to display, edit, annotate, and share images and cultural heritage collections on the web.

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Mapping with Palladio

Online New York, NY

“Mapping with Palladio” introduces scholars in the humanities to Palladio (, a web-based tool for visualizing multi-dimensional data on a map.

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Introduction to Omeka

Online New York, NY

Omeka is a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions. This workshop will explain the basics of why and when to use Omeka and include a walkthrough of how to use Omeka to manage online collections and create digital exhibitions.

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Collecting Twitter Data for Research

Online New York, NY

This workshop presents a few of the best and most approachable tools for collecting Twitter data for research. We’ll also address the kinds of information we can glean from social media data as well as several important factors and limitations to consider when doing social media research.

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Text Analysis with a Zine Corpus

Online New York, NY

Working with transcribed zines from the Barnard Zine Library, we will engage participants in the ethics and steps of creating a corpus and how to explore them using Voyant-Tools and a pre-written Python script. Corpus metadata highlight zine creators holding one or more minoritized identities. All are welcome, and no coding experience is necessary. This […]

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Pandas: The Bare Basics

Online New York, NY

Pandas is a Python data science library that allows for the manipulation and transformation of data, and in particular numeric and time series data. In this workshop for people completely new to Pandas, and possibly also to data science and/or programming, we'll take a relatively leisurely look at the Pandas library in conjunction with the […]

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DH Project Management

Online New York, NY

The Digital Humanities landscape is littered with the good ideas of enterprising scholars never realized. From the lack of a clearly defined project scope, to insufficient resources, to over ambitious scheduling, there are a myriad of factors that can derail even the best of DH projects. And while we can not account for every potential […]

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Python – A Gentle Introduction

Online New York, NY

A very beginner friendly introduction to Python for the humanities. We will cover basic tools and installation methods, as well as how Python can be used to sort through messy information and automate simple and repetitive tasks. Brief examples will be covered, and we'll talk about how to explore and learn in the future. There […]

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